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TORRES HOSPITALITY PODCAST. eP. 55: INTERVIEW Angelo Vassallo, F&B Manager Hotel Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I | Barcelona (Spain)

Angelo started his career at the Recepction, but soon realized that he needed a more creative environment, and decided to pursue it in the F&B arena, where he found his passion. Great conversation, where we talked about:

-The importance of asking for development and training

-Choosing your job, and -if you can-also your manager –

His role as mentor, giving back and how crucial his mentors were in his career, pushing him to improve and inspiring him: Mario Rupflin, Norbert Lessing, Octavio Gamarra

-Using the spare time to invest in the family, but also to develop yourself: training, courses, or learning a new skill (tech, maybe?)

-Profitability: great space for growth with drinks/cocktails/mixology

-Staying motivated, being genuine (can’t fake it 24/7)

-Helping the community: Agreement with local charity to provide with unused food from events (Nutrición sin Fronteras)

I hope you find it as insightful as I did.

Pablo Torres

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