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TORRES HOSPITALITY PODCAST Ep. 54 Interview: Annika Ülem, Co-Founder at GuestJoy, the 1-Stop Digital Guest Experience. Estonia

Annika´s background comes from the Hospitality Industry.

From Reservations to Sales, and from there to GM. Soon she realized she needed more, so she studied an MBA, and that´s when she and her brother started discussing about the a concept. Fast-forward over 6 years and GuestJoy has become a successful 1-Stop, Contactless Guest Experience : from check in to upsells, and dealing with guests´ feedback.

Annika has shared thought provoking insights about:

-The importance of being able to multitask, keep up the team motivation and feel how things evolve in a start up

-The Relation between Hospitality, its talent and how to maximize its potential

-How technology can help hotels focus the effort of their workforce on providing a better service to guests, learning about their patterns and buying persona profiles.

-The importance of differentiation, and how small independent hotels are successful by working hard on their branding, concept and new ideas, helping guests immerse with local experiences. And as always, closing with advice for the young ones, who can bring new blood and ideas to the industry, as they are the ones leading the new trends. I hope you find it as insightful as I did.

Pablo Torres

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