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How will flexible remote work affect employment conditions within the hospitality industry?


There are many unfilled hospitality jobs at the moment Governments seem to be more willing to bend the regulations to attract foreign/cheaper talent, rather than make companies improve the conditions offered A good % of workers are willing to go for flexible/remote work, which will have a massive impact on how and when hospitality outlets are used= less commutes, less city hotel roomnights, less corporate events, … Technology has widespread during the pandemic and many repetitive tasks performed at Hotels are being done by clients directly thanks to better and more affordable software (check in, check out,…)


Which hospitality employees will have a safe job post pandemic? How many of these roles will be made redundant because they are just unnecessary? What will all these professionals do? Stubbornness on their old job or relearn and adapt? These are the topics I cover on this video. Would be great to know your opinion.

Pablo Torres

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