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AskSuite Chatbot Podcast. New Segments in Travel Demand and Best Practices in Revenue Management

“Maximize your space.”
“Be creative.”

These are two of the valuable tips Pablo Torres, a Spanish Hospitality professional based in London with 20 years of experience in the hotel industry, gives us in this new episode of Hotel Cast where we chat about new segments in travel demand and the best practices in revenue management.

Pablo mainly focuses on Revenue Management Optimization and Talent Development and, as we know, Revenue Managers are on the spot — everybody is looking at them.  So we ask the expert:

How can hotels bring more money to the table?

In this episode, we  also talk about:

  • The types of new segments in travel demand that are emerging now;
  • The fundamentals of good revenue management;
  • Best practices/ strategies in Revenue Management.

Pablo also points out the need of educating independent hotels that they need humans and tech. According to him, 85% of hotels still don’t have a revenue management system and 50% of the time is spent generating reports. These numbers are surprising!

The expert explains that ff hotels combine technologies and humans in Revenue Management, associates can focus on doing more valuable tasks and make better decisions based on real data.

So we ask you the same question Pablo likes to ask his clients: How much money are you missing?

Pablo Torres

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