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Tips to drive revenue in uncertain times

Just after hotels and restaurants were finally allowed to open in the UK, the government released, a few days ago, a pack of measures including the drop of VAT rate (from 20 to 5%), and dinner vouchers to be used on certain days up to a value of £10/diner. Which can be a great tool to help stimulate revenue.

Besides the official measures, hotels and venues need to be creative to maximize revenue. Occupancies are still very low, restrictions affect the way business can be run and customers are still not arriving in the numbers that could be desirable. It’s time, therefore, to think outside of the box to try to find ways to generate extra revenue.

Hotels venues and take out options

Many hotel restaurants have finally realized that there is no other way but to jump onto the “take out” bandwagon. For many years, a large number of them refused to get into this type of business -sometimes because it did not fit their business model, other times just because they considered it unnecessary-. However, now there is no choice and they are finding a new stream of revenue via the food delivery option.

Some are directly offering a redesigned menu, with a special packaging, differentiating themselves from the usual brown paper bags, and offering an experience that fits more their product and brand. Others are going for a slightly different option, and are offering raw ingredients to cook some of their star dishes at home.

In both cases, a very appealing way to drive revenue and attract a new type of clientele that might become loyal to that product, venue or brand.


Depending on location, the use of the pool now might be restricted to certain time frames, or limited to time slots, which are not particularly welcomed by guests. In this case, hotels that count on their inventory with Suites with their own private pool can make the most out of them this summer: added value, privacy, safety and comfort. If the Hotel managed to market them well, via a bundle package, that product becomes unbeatable!

If that is not your case, you can still drive extra revenue in the pool area: What about creating a day-package for locals to enter the pool area to enjoy the facilities?. By going for this option, you can gain a new micro-segment, the locals, who might have never considered visiting you in the past, as the pool might have been meant to be for hotel guests only.

This access can be sold as a package, including parking, or F&B credit.  It’s important to give it a feel of exclusivity. Welcome cocktail on arrival, anyone?

Can I still do buffet? Brunch?

As with the previous points, buffets are being banned or restricted in many destinations. But the fact that guests can not pick their own food does not mean you have to stop the concept altogether. It can be offered with a twist: Display the food as you would in your usual buffet, but behind screens/Perspex. Customers can point and select what they want, and a team member will serve it in a plate to them. This can be done in three different ways:

-Guests going directly to the buffet/market display, and getting the plate handed over by the chef or waiter as mentioned above.

-Guests sitting at their table, select the food from the menu options and is brought to them.

-Last but most appealing, is the above one but using an app: guests can be sitting at the restaurant, pool deck, anywhere! They can order via app and get the food delivered to where they are sitting.

By making it easier to customers, you will convert your offer into a very appealing one.

It’s all about being creative. Opportunities are there. Customers want to enjoy. So go ahead and let your imagination flow. And if what you need is inspiration, you can always get a consultant to help. ?

Pablo Torres

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