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Resilience: Fall. Get up. Succeed. Repeat.

Resilience: According to the Cambridge Dictionary, resilience is the ability to be happy or successful again after something difficult or bad has happened.

I wanted to check in the dictionary to make sure I was following the right definition, since this term has been overly used lately. It´s one of these words that every now and then seem to appear everyone: be it economy, sports or politics, the tag is used constantly. Maybe too much.

Because generally speaking, when I read about a person or a company being resilient, it´s usually referred to situations when that person or enterprise fell and got up again. And I might disagree that we can call that resilient. Because, sticking to the real definition of the term, is not just about getting up after falling. It´s about getting up AND being happy or successful again.

An example that comes to mind straight away, focusing on sports, is the tennis player Rafael Nadal. He´s been in the Top 10 of the ATP world rankings since 2005, finishing within the top 3 for 12 out of those 15 years. However, in some of these years he´s dropped down to #10. He’s spent months without playing. Had suffered injuries, surgeries, played with pain. Insufferable for others. But he’s kept reinventing himself. His style, the way he hits the ball, how he faces opponents. And after all these struggles, he’s come back to #1. Again and again.

And that is what I consider key. That bouncing back attitude. In the times we are in, especially in the hospitality industry, many of us will fall. Be it furlough, unemployed, made redundant, uncertainty is hitting us hard. But if we keep focused on the dream we set out for ourselves at the beginning of the journey. If we really want to get there no matter what. If we are hungry to prove that it was possible. We will rise again. We will get up and succeed.

Because #weareresilient.

Pablo Torres

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