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PODCAST INTERVIEW: Abid Butt, Global Hotel Leader & CEO. Washington, USA.

Ep 74 INTERVIEW: Abid Butt, Global Hotel Leader & CEO

Abid has had an extensive career. From his youth when he wanted to be a doctor, to being CEO of companies such as Banyan Tree or the Dream Hotel Group

On our conversation, Abid touched great points:


The industry has regressed, and there is now extremely high turn over. It needs to adapt for the new generations Baby boomers were more about career, but people now want to feel accomplished


The industry is still a bit behind. Tech changes too fast, can not wait for others to test and see. We might not have the choice moving forward: with the pandemic the adoption rate has raised dramatically


If we behave long enough in a certain way (such as working remotely) then we adapt. Change is here to stay. Business travel might be different, with more hybrid roles. Leisure might like more open spaces.


Hospitality can be a really enriching career Schools need to make sure they teach about what the industry desires Fun industry, even as an introvert (IT, financing), and also of course for people´s persons Anyone is welcome

I hope you find it as insightful as I did.

Pablo Torres

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