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Hospitality Round Table: Preparing for success in the new normal

Yesterday 25th of June 2020 I took part as a panellist on the open discussion about the current scenario the hospitality industry is facing, particularly in the UK.

Together with Adam Munday, GM at Melia White House and Melia Kensington; and Yvonne Wissart, Director of Sales at the new Nhow London.

I focused on:

I´ve focused on:
-The current global scenario, with emphasis in Europe and the UK
-How that is affecting the airline and hotel industries
-New trends spotted in the Hotel industry
-New opportunities for professionals

Today, Skift has released a new article highlighting one fo the points I mentioned: Occupancy on the open markets is stagnating, and 50 or 60% is becoming the new “full”.

It will be a long and slow recovery.

Watch the video of the event here.

Pablo Torres

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