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Ep. 82 Podcast Interview: Viktoria Skraba, Director of Customer Success, ATOMIZE. Barcelona (Spain)

Ep. 82 Interview: Viktoria Skraba, Director of Customer Success, ATOMIZE. Barcelona (Spain)

Viktoria describes her career as varied, as varied has been so far: From Latvia, to Sweden, North Africa, Austria, Spain… and working in all sorts of Hotels: independent, family room, global companies, large and small.

All that experience has shaped her vision of the industry, and she has great insights to share on:

HER ROLE: Her duty is to make sure they have happy and successful customers. That means to continue to enhance the customer experience, staying in direct contact with end users during the entire life cycle, making sure the company introduces global enhancements, with a personal touch.

ATOMIZE: It’s a Lean Revenue Management system, complex on the back end, but easy of use for customers. Its’ pillars are:

Real time pricing and automation, Multi property functionality, All mobile-first

TALENT ADAPTING TO THE CURRENT SCENARIO: Individuals need to be innovative, flexible and resilient, giving that extra bit

INVESTING IN TALENT: Companies need to make sure they train their teams properly, as that will only have positive effects: remove silos and improve motivation.

ADVICE FOR THE YOUNG: Young people must have an active stand Do something that takes you close to your ambition Don´t be shy to ask for help, taking responsibility Never stop learning, make innovation part of the daily routine Make sure you network

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